Who We Are



            Hankuk University of Foreign Studies is a well - recognized higher educational institution in South Korea and around the world. With an emphasis on modernization and global interconnectedness, it has emerged as a world class university that continues to attract numerous international students from all over the world. Recently, it became South Korea’s 10th most reputable university reflecting its role as an important player in fostering talented people for Korea and the world.

            Our school also has many students activities such as: clubs of interests, student fairs, festivals and sport competitions. Moreover, because of its cooperation with hundreds of schools in more than 80 countries worldwide and its various scholarship programs, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies receives hundreds of foreign exchange and regular students each year. This has made the globalization portrait that it is reputed of today.

            The school currently provides a number of resources for International Students to help them better adjust and handle the issues that come with living in a new country and culture. The International Student Organization (ISO) and Office of International Student Service (OISS) work to foster multicultural awareness as well as aid foreign students’ integration into Korean life. HUFS International Alumni Association (HIAA) also encourages conversation between previous graduates and senior students preparing to enter the work force.

            While these organizations support foreign students in adapting to Korean culture and Korean university life, they all fall short in meeting the needs of regular International Students. The previous mentioned organizations can surely help students survive the transition and course of study but none of the programs can help regular international students flourish as a part of the university. Such Students have extremely limited access to opportunities to grow as professionals in their field. Due to language issues and few programs allowing the inclusion of international students, they lose vital time building experience and knowledge in their areas of study. To tackle the problems mentioned above, regular international students feel the need to be represented by a student organization that dedicates itself to supporting them.


            Global Students Association is an organization that represents regular international students at HUFS. It is devoted to serving their needs and facilitating their stay at HUFS. Furthermore, It assists them in adapting to the campus environment and help them fully integrate themselves to the HUFS student community. The organization seeks to expand opportunities for regular international students in the university and fill gaps in their integration that happens due to language barrier, cultural difference, miscommunication and misunderstanding. GSA stands by, protects and supports international regular students.


            To make HUFS a place, where every student from around the world is empowered.


            Facilitate the livelihood of regular international students and develop a strong international community at HUFS.


  • Rights of Regular International Students

            We believe that regular international students should be equal members of the student community in the university whose primary rights have to be respected. Access to services, important information, resources university offers that will facilitate their growth and prosperity and help reach their true potential should be available for them. Therefore, we firmly stand for these rights and protect them.

  • Multi-nationality

            As an International student organization, we believe that students from every country around the world have to be fully included in our student community. To reach our vision in which HUFS is a place where every student from around the world is empowered, we provide services that help regular international students break obstacles of their success, facilitate their livelihood and provide a nourishing environment.

  • Integrity

            We believe that student community at HUFS should be one, where international and Korean students can understand and cooperate with each other for the sake of a truly global and international university.


  • Facilitate the integration of regular international students to the HUFS community
  • Serve as a liaison between the university’s administration and regular international  students 
  • Provide students with necessary information for their social and academic success
  • Create a space for regular international  students to interact with each other

Executive Board

Our group of multi-talented and devoted international students who are working very hard to make your time at HUFS unforgettable.


Shakhzod Turgunboev

 Vice President

Members of Committees


Emily Corbett

Translation Committee


Gitae Shin

Translation Committee


Lina Motzkuhn

Communications Committee