Samsung Dream Scholarship Application

Here is all the information you will need in order to apply for the Samsung Dream Scholarship for 2018;

  1. Requirements

1) Undergraduate students who are from developing countries listed in the DAC List of ODA Recipients.

(Please confirm with the attached file no.1 to check the list of countries.)

2) Students from families with financial difficulties.

3) Students with outstanding results in GPA/ Languages

4) Students who will return to and have the potential to contribute to their countries after graduation.

5) Students from developing countries that took part in the Korean War will be granted a higher priority in receiving the scholarship.

(These countries include: The Republic of South Africa, Ethiopia, Colombia, Turkey, Thailand, and the Philippines)

*Koreans who are residing abroad in a country included in the DAC list will not be acknowledged as a recipient.

*In regard to Chinese students only those of Korean descent may apply.


  1. Submission Deadlines & Procedures

1) Please submit the application to OISS by January 22(Monday), 2018

2) Evaluation of documents: February 1(Thursday) ~9(Friday), 2018

3) Interview: February 23(Friday) ~ 28(Wednesday), 2018

* The foundation will contact the interviewees in person.

* Candidates will have a secondary evaluation based on the essay and interview.

4) Final results will be announced in early March, 2018 and scholarships will also be sent around this date.


  1. Scholarship Funding

– Undergraduate Students: 3,900,000won (for 1 semester)

– Graduate Students: 3,500,000won~5,000,000won (for 1 semester)


  1. Required Documents:

– Application Form: Can be submitted either in English or Korean. (Attached file no.2)

The applications can be downloaded on the original HUFS post found here;


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  1. Can graduate students apply for this scholarship? Since there is also Scholarship Funding for graduate students mentioned. Where are the attached files?
    Thank you very much!

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