Petition Against Tuition Fee Increase

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  1. I wish I could sign this petition as well. I was planning to go study at Hankuk University (GSIAS) next year but I am a self-financed student and if the tuition fees increase it will highly improbable for me to afford the increased prices.
    I really hope you will be able to attain a successful outcome!
    Sending all my support!

  2. It’s not fair for increasing tution for only foreign students. We also have some finical problem and it is also difficult to receive scholarship from school..It is really unfair actionㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  3. 절때 안됩니다! 한국인들보다 너무 비싸게 공부 한다는것이 차별입니다. 학교가 이미지를 높혀야 돈을 잘 벌지 외국인들에게 학비를 올려서 버는것이 아니라고 생각합니다! 그리고 지금까지 한번도 장학금 못 받았고 점수 공부 관심도 앖어진 우리들에게 학비까지 올리면 어떻게 합니까… 더군다나 학교 입학 할때 우리 학비까지 고려해서 신청을 했는데 학비 올리면 우리 안 그래도 힘든 유학생활이 어떻게합니까? 정말 말이 안되는 말입니다 ㅠㅠ 유학생만이라니…특히 유학생들이 조금 더 나은 사람 되려고 유학 와서 얼마나 힘들게 공부 하는데… 그리고 한국 환율 차이때문에 모두들 힘들어하는데에다가 한번도 장학금을 못 받았는데 다른 학생들의 책임을 져야합니까?

  4. 아무리 생각해도 외국인등록금이 한국인이랑 똑같아야 한다고 생각해요

  5. for students who might have a scholarship its easy… but for people like me who dun get one not from the school or from their countries we have to work really hard part time jobs to get money or might put our families in hard situations just to pay for school , not every foreign student is a rich student .

  6. It’s really difficult to receive scholarship from our school especially when you work hard and got a good score( which you can get at least 40%discount in other universities in seoul like Dongguk,국민대,성균관대학교). And if you have topic 5or 6, you can even get a extra scholarship from other schools in seoul). And this year our school provide with more scholarship for the freshmen and transfer students???!!!) It just like using our money to attract more freshmen students??

  7. We do not agree to raise tuition fees separately for international students.
    The school must be transparent and the students must have the rights to know.
    Especially the scholarship payment standard and the selection ranking table of the dormitory.
    We are not for money. Just can not let the school not open the process only tells us the behavior of the results.Please think about Park Geun hye.

  8. 아무리 생각해도 외국인등록금이 한국인이랑 똑같아야 한다고 생각해요

  9. Can you tell me a reason for why increasing fee only for foreign students? And what about other universities?

  10. 어이없네요 외국인이라서 학비를 더 올린건가요? 등록금 올리고 학교가 외국유학생한테 해준게 뭐에요????ㅋ

  11. Our school calls itself the “university of foreign studies” and yet it treats the foreigners worse than most other universities in school. So ironic. The reason they decided to raise only the foreigners tuition is because if they raise the korean student tuition, they know all those students parents will complain. But our parents cannot complain to the school, because they live in another country. We are forced to suffer silently. Meanwhile the korean students go around complaining, “I dont want to share dorm room with a foreigner,” “I dont want a class with too many foreigners” and talk about us like we are not people too. The school never cares about teaching acceptance. Often there are requirements or classes that dont make sense for us to take—but instead of offering alternatives, they force us to do things that dont allow us to grow or learn. I love many of my professors, and many of the people who work in the international office, but because the administration and many of the students treat me so poorly, it is difficult for me to ever feel proud of my school. Im so disappointed 🙁 Now I am not sure if I can afford to graduate…

  12. 글로벌한 마인드를 양성하고 세계로 뻗어나가는 대학을 만들겠다는 분이 정작 외국인을 차별한다는게 말이나 됩니까? 그리고 왜 항상 사전논의 없이 이리 통보를 하시는지요?

  13. 您好,我是中国语通翻译专业四年级的中国留学生。学校发给我的关于涨学费的邮件我表示不能接受。冠冕堂皇的话请不用说了,说是为了我们能享受更多便利,其实到底因为什么涨学费学校方便心里很清楚。我坚决不同意涨学费。

  14. 아무리 생각해도 외국인등록금이 한국인이랑 똑같아야 한다고 생각해요

  15. 외국 학생들이 한국학생들 처럼 아르바이트 할수도 없고, 생활 값, 비행기 표값도 올라가고 얼마나 힘든데 학교 등록금 도 올리는 이유는 뭐습니까? “아무리 생각해도”라는 딧글 남긴 학생들이 유학 생활 안해 봤나 봐요.

  16. Why did you ask our opinions for increasing tution fees even you didn’t listen to our students speech and opnion and you increase tution fees as you like?

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