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Menstrual Leave

Due to high demand of the National Human Rights Commission of Korea for Gender Equality and Motherhood Protection and demand of the HUFS Student Council, the university officially approves the menstrual leave of absence starting from this Fall Semester, 2017.

1. Registration period:
가.  Who: Current female students
나.  Duration of approval: During menstruation
다.  Required documents: the menstrual leave application (attached)
라.  Registration procedure:
1)  Time: within a week after the menstruation
2)  Procedure: Fill out the attached form and submit it to a professor.

2. Note:
가. The application will be recognized only 2 times per semester.
나. The application cannot be used during midterm or final exams.
다. The application will be recognized no more than 1 time within 4 weeks.

Here is the link to download the application form :


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