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GSA Jeju Membership Training

Emily Corbett

For the first ever GSA Membership Training, the entire group went to Jeju Island for six days to strengthen our teamwork and improving our purpose and vision for the future of GSA and for international students at HUFS. Here is a detailed account of everything we did on Jeju island during our time there.

Firstly, we arrived on Jeju at 17:05 on Thursday, May 11th, 2017. After some hiccups with transportation, we caught a bus and a couple of taxis to get to our pension. A few members stayed behind and worked together to get food and snacks for the group to last for the rest of the week. We played group bonding games once at the pension and all had a great time.

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On the next day, Friday, we had so many fun activities scheduled. However, throughout the entire day it rained, but we did not let that stop us. We decided to go to Udo Island and walk around in the rain. This island trip gave us a lot of group bonding as we took many pictures together and had fun despite the pouring rain. After dinner, we all went to sleep early in preparation for our volleyball tournament and photo shoot in the morning.

On Saturday, we woke up at 6:00 am to leave for our GSA team photo shoot. This was a chance for us to have pictures for promotional activities, for remembering our time with GSA members and to help make our Association more professional. After the photo shoot, we started our charity volleyball tournament. We might not have won many games in this first half due to our lack of experience, but it was a great experience for us to participate in a charity event as a team.

On Sunday, we played the second half of the tournament and improved our volleyball skills. We started enjoying playing more and worked better as a team than we thought we could. At the end of the tournament, we ended up winning our division and were very proud of ourselves. Our Association managed to help clean up after the tournament was over and donated 170,000₩ to the charity that helps low income families and orphans on Jeju Island.

On our final full day in Jeju, Monday, the sun was shining and we went on one last tour of the island. We saw temples, old Japanese hangers, mountains and beaches. It was a great day to enjoy our time together and to enjoy the beautiful island of Jeju.

On the Tuesday morning, we said goodbye to Jeju and our Membership Training and hoped to come back again soon. We learned a lot about each other, we improved our bonds and teamwork, and we became a better team because of this Membership Training.

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