Introductory Korean Class for Fall 2018 | Seoul Campus

Dear HUFS’ International Students, 

Greetings from HUFS Office of International Student Services (OISS)

We are pleased to announce the Evening Introductory Korean Class for Fall 2018, held on the Seoul Campus !

This course is open to the following:

1) Full-degree HUFS students

2) Exchange students

3) Visiting students

Students: Beginning Korean language learners, who are NOT enrolled in the intensive Korean language class

Textbooks: 25,000 KRW (Active Korean 1 and workbook – TwoPon Co., Ltd.)

Fees: Free of charge

Times: Mondays/Wednesday, 6:00 to 8:00 pm (Sept 12 – Dec. 5)


              Tuesdays/Thursdays, 6:00 to 8:00 pm (Sept 13 – Dec. 6)

How to register:

Step 1. Sign up by filling out online form below by Thursday, Sept. 6 by 5pm


Step 2. Pay for the textbook(25,000 KRW) by Thursday, Sept. 6 by 5pm at the Korean Writing Center (Faculty Building 102-2, located near Wooribank, building #11 on the campus map)

Step 3. Check your class assignment and classroom number on Sept. 11 and pick up your textbook at the Korean Writing Center

Step 4. Go to your first class on Sept. 12 (for Mondays/Wednesday class) or Sept. 13 (for Tuesdays/Thursdays class)

Step 5. Attend the class for 80% or more and get a certificate on the last day!

*Please note that you will get a certificate for this class only if you attend 80% or more (32/40 hours or more). For exchange and visiting students, if you wish to check and see if you can get credits from this class, please discuss the acceptance of 40 hours of class instruction with your home universities. Your home universities will make the decision, not HUFS.

Best regards,


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