Insulation Korea “Dream Foundation” Scholarship

Here are the details for the Insulation Korea “Dream Foundation” Scholarship;

Scholarship: 1,000,000 KRW (to cover tuition)

Who can apply:

-Students enrolled in Fall semester 2017

-The GPA (overall and for last semester) no less than 3.8/4.5

-who needs financial support due to personal (family) circumstances

Required documents:
-Self-introduction (Free format, 1-2 pages (A4)) thoroughly explaining reasons of applying
-Transcript (In Korean)
-Certificate of enrollment
-A copy of Alien Registration Card
-Other certificates (experience, volunteering etc).

Due date: November 8th, Friday by 11 am

Where to submit: The Student Affairs Office (Globee Dorm 101). Personal submission is required.

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