Freshmen Orientation

Viktoriya Tsoy

The orientation was held on Friday, February 25th. Same as before it was organized by the OISS office and became the first event of Spring semester. The main purpose of this event was to introduce HUFS, its system and all related procedures to international freshmen, transferred and exchange students. This was the first event where newly founded Global Student Association (GSA) took active participation.

It was a great opportunity for GSA to participate in this event and get an insight of the organization of large scale event like that and preparation process. Additionally, as GSA was a newly founded organization at that moment, orientation became one of the first important steps in GSA team building.


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Before orientation started GSA members were responsible for students’ guidance, their registration and distribution of booklets, snacks and important applications, such as bank account and course registration applications.

The first part of the orientation was dedicated to academic system at HUFS: credits, grading systems, e-class, requirements etc. Then students were introduced the activities that they can enjoy at school. For instance, various school clubs, social events, festivals, field trips etc. In addition, as the orientation was targeting international students, during orientation were introduced organizations that provide support to international students, such as the OISS office, ISO and GSA.

Another feature of this event was the introduction of yellow Kakao IDs to students. It is well known, that Kakao Talk is the most frequently used communication tool in South Korea. So in order to make the communication between students and school efficient, school decided to create Yellow Kakao IDs where students could address all their concerns, ask questions and simply be updated about everything that is going in the school.

After the orientation was over, all international students had a campus tour. GSA and ISO members were responsible for performing campus tour. The main purpose of it was to introduce all buildings and facilities that are available on the campus, so students can use them without any problem.

After the campus tour regular international students had another orientation where they were provided detailed information relevant to regular students only. This orientation was run by the OISS office and GSA. As the main purpose of GSA is to support regular international students, GSA was given another opportunity to introduce the organization, its goals, GSA members and activities the organization is going to be involved in. The orientation session was concluded with dinner, where students had an opportunity to ask more questions, meet their seniors, socialize and get to know one another.

After official part was over, with the support of the OISS office all students were invited to local bars (Jerry’s, May Queen and JJ). It was another opportunity for them to get to know each other and spend great time together.


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