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Evening introductory Korean class and peer language tutoring scholarship


Hello everyone, enjoying your first week at HUFS? Here we are with an important announcement!

As promised during new student orientation, sign-up for the evening INTRODUCTORY KOREAN CLASS and PEER LANGUAGE TUTORING SCHOLARSHIP are now open! Please sign up and/or apply by March*!

Introductory Korean Language (Survival Korean) Class

It is 100% taught in Korean but designed for absolute beginners to give you the language skills you need to survive in Korea.

This course is open to the following:

  1. Full-degree HUFS students
  2. Exchange students
  3. Visiting students




  • STUDENTS: Beginning Korean language learners, not enrolled in the intensive Korean language class
  • TEXTBOOKS: 25,000 KRW (Active Korean 1, Active Korean 2 (tentative) – TwoPonds Co., Ltd.)
  • FEES: 25,000 KRW – textbook
  • TIMES: Mondays/Wednesday
    Tuesdays/Thursdays, 6:00 to 8:00pm

DATES (Students with no Korean language experience*):
M/W – March 14 (Wed) to June 4
T/Th – March 15 (Thurs) to June 5

*Students who are already comfortable with Hangeul (Korean alphabet) may start attending classes on March 21/22)

TEXBOOK FEE: 25,000 KRW (Due March 8)

*Exchange and visiting students please discuss using these 40 hours of class instruction as credit with your home universities.

Introductory Korean


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