Course Registration Notice

1. Waiting List Function

  1. The course registration process and method have not changed. However, in order to prevent issues with connecting to the server and the use of bots and automated scripts, we would like to introduce a new system. If there is excessive number of connection requests at the same time (if the number exceeds the maximum allowed connections), all login and course registration requests are issued a waiting number and are processed in accordance with the issued order.
  2. Applicable services: For undergraduate students – Wishlist (Login, Overview, Registration/Drop), for undergraduate and graduate students – Course Registration (Login, Overview, Registration/Drop)
  3. Expected Results
Previous system Introduction of Waiting List System Expected Results
Impossible to check waiting number or determine whether the system is functioning normally or whether it is down due to an error.

As a result, students would click various buttons repeatedly, try to refresh a webpage or restart computers. Therefore, the course registration procedure would become overloaded.

 Opportunity to check waiting order.

Through the issued waiting number, a user can check whether the system is operating normally.

Expected Result: decrease of trial and error activity.

▶             System: By preventing system overload, more stable service will be provided

▶             User: The main issues of course registration – waiting for undetermined period of time – will  be resolved.

Main aim: Ability to provide stable service for course registration.

  1. Note
    • Even if you were issued a waiting number that’s far down the list, do not refresh the page (or click F5) or click the Menu button repeatedly. If you do so, you will get a new waiting number each time you reload a page and your waiting time will increase. Simply wait.
    • At the moment when the course registration system opens, many people try to connect to the server at the same time and the system may not respond for a short period of time. Despite this, important thing is to wait and do not click the Login button over and over. If you click the Login button again, you will be issued a new waiting number and your waiting time will increase. (Preferably go to the main page of the course registration (without logging in) a few minutes before the actual registration starts)
    • The following pop-up message will appear if you have been added to the waiting list. If this message does not appear and your computer crashes, you have to reconnect to the system.


2. Prevention of login overlaps (Undergraduate Course Registration)

If there are various attempts to login same account/ID, only the last one detected by the system is allowed to do the course registration.

3. Prevention of the use of bots/automated scripts (Undergraduate Course Registration)

If the amount of mouse clicks after logging in to the Course Registration System exceeds a certain number, a picture of a string of characters will appear on the screen. Only after inserting those characters, you will be able to continue the course registration.

4. Check browser settings (Internet Explorer)

Open Internet Explorer > Click on  Tools (or click Alt+X) > Internet Options (O) > under the General tab, click Settings (S) > under Temporary Internet Files tab choose “Every time I visit web page” > click OK

5. Managing your account

Please be careful with managing your account (ID and Password): do not give your ID or password to other people and do not make your password too simple (e.g. password is same as ID, your birthday or your phone number) as there might be negative consequences.

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