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Applications for 2018 Spring Semester Welfare Scholarship

Student Welfare Committee announces the following in relation to the selection and the payment for the 2018 Spring Semester Welfare Scholarship.
Ⅰ. Purpose
Currently, the National Scholarship (by KOSAF) is distributed in a way that alleviates tuition fees according to income, in order to reduce the burden of households suffering from tuition fees. However, selection based on income is not able to accurately reflect the real difficulties of students.
HUFS Welfare Scholarship selects beneficiaries based on various and realistic standards with the goal to reduce the burdens on students not measurable with only income.
To provide more chances to support students who don’t receive any scholarships, the committee has divided application types more specifically last fall semester (2017) in order to help students in need of support, reward and scholarship in various circumstances.
The Student Welfare Committee hopes that more students apply for this scholarship, enjoy the benefits the school provides, and will continue on to help students’ welfare.

a. Language Efficiency
HUFS has the best language programs in Korea, providing students with various chances to learn different languages. The committee hopes to motivate students for more achievement and reward their efforts.
b. International Students
There are not only Korean students but many international students attending HUFS as well.The committee would like to encourage those hard-working students to enjoy their time in Korea and continue with their academic activities.
※ The whole amount of scholarship paid by the Welfare Scholarship is donated by enterprises within school grounds and will be distributed within the scope of tuition fee.
– Enterprises within school : CU Convenience store(국제학사GlobeeDorm), 카피나라Copynara (Print shop), STN 커피STN Copy(국제학사GlobeeDorm)
c. Exchange Program
HUFS provides exchange programs(7+1 program, student exchange program) to help students build global skill set.The committee would like to encourage students who will go overseas and support them so they can continue stable academic performance.

* We restrict students planning to go on an exchange program in 2018 fall semester, and will only accept 7+1 programs, and student exchange programs provided by HUFS.
Ⅱ.  Amount of Scholarship and number of beneficiaries

(a) Language Efficiency: 500 thousand won ~ 700 thousand won for 10 or more students
(b) International Students : 500 thousand won ~ 1 million won for 10 or more students
(c) Exchange Program : 500 thousand won ~ 1 million won for 10 or more students
(d) Students under these three types can receive scholarship over the scope of their tuition fee.

(Students can check their scholarship status in HUFS homepage-Web Information System-Registration/Scholarship Information-Scholarship details)

Ⅲ. Common Eligibility and Requirements
A. Students who are enrolled in 2018 in Seoul Campus
(Students who have not paid tuition, students on leave of absence, students who have taken 9th semester or more are not eligible to apply.)
*Students on leave of absence in 2018 Spring semester who are going to study abroad (7+1 program, student exchange program) can apply.

B. Requirements:

  • students have to take 12 credits or more and have a GPA over 2.5 in the previous year.
  • NOTICE: students who apply for installment payment – You can receive a welfare scholarship after paying the tuition more than an amount that scholarship covers.
  • NOTICE: Applicants can benefit from both National Grant Scholarship
    and academic scholarships within the tuition range.(Duplicate application is allowed)
  • 1) Required Documents

A. Welfare Scholarship application (attachment)
B. Self-introduction
NOTICE: fill out the form as it is
Self-introduction is to be two to three pages long
Self-introduction has to show that applicants are suitable candidate for this scholarship.
Applicants can submit additional information helpful to show this as attached file and it will be reflected in the evaluation.
(ex) Language Efficiency: language tutoring activity and relevant academic records, language programs, etc. / exchange students

C. Transcript
2) Additional documents required
A. Language Efficiency: language proficiency certificate acquired after March in 2017
NOTICE: If the certificates are submitted twice for the same language, only one of them will count
TOEFL(English) + FLEX(English) → only one of them will count
TEPS(English) + HSK Level 6(Chinese) → both will count separately

C. International students: International students currently enrolled(certificate of registration), three to five pages long self-introduction, transcript, insurance policy for foreign students, TOPIK certificate(optional), and etc.

D. Exchange Program: referral by full-time professor, certificate of an entry and exit(after year of 2000), student exchange program for 2018 Fall semester, 7+1 program certificate(입학확인서), their parents’ Health Insurance payment proof form(between May 2017 and April 2018) for each person.
Date for Submitting Documents and Announcements
1) Date: 2018. May. 28th – 2018. June. 8th 10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm
2) Announcement: Will be informed individually
* Announcements may be delayed due to circumstances.
3) Where to submit documents: Student Welfare Committee (Globeedorm Room 302, 02-2173-2777)
4) How to submit: Must submit in person at the Student Welfare Committee.
※ Submitting by FAX or post will not be accepted. Students must come in person.
– The committee will check additional documents on the spot when the students come for submission, so students must come in place not to be disadvantaged in the future.

Additional Announcements
1) Notice
a. The application form will be attached together with this announcement.
b. Submission by post will not be accepted due to the risk of loss.
c. All documents submitted will not be returned.
d. Please fill in and submit the Korean version of Application and self-introduction form, and use the English version for reference.
2) Inquiries
For any other inquiries, please contact the committee by phone, Facebook message or Kakaotalk.
학생복지위원회 유선전화 ☎ 02-2173-2777
Student Welfare Committee ☎ 02-2173-2777
– 페이스북 <학복위> 페이지 Facebook page <학복위> @hufswel31
– 카카오톡 플러스친구 <한국외대학복위> Kakaotalk Plusfriends <한국외대학복위> 2018. 5
Application Forms:

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