Announcements Fun

GSA Charity Event

Hello HUFSans, GSA is organizing a charity event this week, 11th to 15th March, in front of wooden stairs.We will have fun together while playing different games like: -popping balloons with prizes inside;-playing darts;-투호/tuho(pitch-pot throwing sticks in a canister);-야베위/yabawe(cups and balls);-제기차기/jegichagi(kick the jegi in the air with your foot as many times you can); You […]

Announcements Visa

Visa Application for 2019-March

Dear HUFSans, We have an important announcement about visa application! The immigration center will accept Visa Extending application without reservation. So, the students do not have to make an reservation for visiting Immigration Center. The period is ONLY from 18th of March to 29th of March. Any student who wants to extend Visa in this […]


KFL major classes/ KFL 학과 수업

수강신청이 가능한 KFL 수업 안내드립니다. 이번학기에 수강신청을 많이 못하신 분은 기초적인 한국어, 한국사회, 한국 문화를 배울 수 있는 수업을 안내합니다. 아직 신청자리가 남아 있어서 3월 8일까지 신청하시면 됩니다. 이번학기에 12학점 이하로 수강신청한 경우 해당 과목을 신청하시기 바랍니다. KFL 전공이 아니신 분은 자율선택(자선)으로 학점이 인정됩니다. We are informing of you the courses which are available to […]


2019-1 Semester Course Registration

Course Registration Notice 1. Waiting List FunctionA. The course registration process and method have not changed. However, in order to prevent issues with connecting to the server and the use of bots and automated scripts, we would like to introduce a new system. If there is an excessive number of connection requests at the same time, all […]


Visa extension announcement

안녕하십니까, 한국 외국어 대학교 국제학생지원팀 입니다. 이 이메일을 받으시는 분들은 비자 만료 대상자입니다. 본인의 비자를 확인한 뒤, 9월30일자로 만료가 될 예정인 경우, 비자 연장을 신청해주셔야 합니다. 비자 연장에는 1. 통합신청서 2. 여권 사본 3. 외국인 등록증 4. 재학증명서 5. 성적증명서 6. 거주지 확인서 7. 수수료 6만원 이 필요합니다. 이 서류들을 준비하여 9월 20일과 27일에 교수회관 […]


Introductory Korean Class for Fall 2018 | Seoul Campus

Dear HUFS’ International Students,  Greetings from HUFS Office of International Student Services (OISS) We are pleased to announce the Evening Introductory Korean Class for Fall 2018, held on the Seoul Campus ! This course is open to the following: 1) Full-degree HUFS students 2) Exchange students 3) Visiting students Students: Beginning Korean language learners, who […]


Online Course Registration Period Start

Dear HUFS’ International Students,  We hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacation. Do not forget that the online registration course period has started from today! The schedule is: Monday(8/06) – 4th Year Tuesday(8/07) – 3rd Year Wednesday(8/08) – 2nd Year Thursday(8/09) – 1st Year Friday(8/10) – All years. Hours: 10:00-16:00 You can access it from […]


GSA Hoodie, Jacket, T-shirt, and MT Application

–HELLO TO ALL OUR NEW, AND OLD, INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS– With the beginning of the new semester GSA brings to you our hoodie, jackets and MT. GSA 후드 티, 재킷, 티셔츠 그리고 MT 신청. 안녕하세요 외국인학생 여러분, 새 학기를 맞아 GSA의 새로운 후드 티, 재킷, 티셔츠, 그리고 MT를 소개합니다. GSA HOODIE Color: BLACK The price of […]